Vedic Philosophy

Falldown Jiva Falldown—Understanding Anādi
Free Will The Vedic Perspective on Free Will
Soul-Body The Soul is Moving and the Body is Not Moving
Guna-Karma How Guna and Karma Create the Body
God The Supreme Personality of Godhead
Epistemology The Epistemology of Happiness
Six Systems Six Systems of Philosophy

Vedic Cosmology

Overview Visions of the Moon Per Vedic Cosmology
Introduction Mystic Universe—An Introduction
Graha Graha vs. Planet
Flat-Round Round Earth in a Flat Cosmology
Dimensions The Universe in a Lotus Stem
Structure Two Kinds of Mahattattva

Advaita Impersonalism

Overview Why Advaita is Buddhism in Hiding
History How Shankaracharya’s Philosophy Made India Weak and Poor
Responses Three Responses to Advaita Impersonalism
Brahman The Meaning of Brahman in Vedānta Sūtra
Evaluation Advaita—The Partial Truth

Vedic Science

Overview What is Vedic Science Really?
Space How is Space in Śrimad Bhāgavatam Different from Space in Modern Science?
Matter What are Manifest and Unmanifest States of Matter?
Logic An Illustration of Semantic Addition
Arithmetic The Arithmetic of Concepts
Atomism Semantic Atomic Theory
Evolution The Vedic Evolutionary Model

Social Science

History How Two Thousand Years of History Impedes Varṇāśrama
Politics A Solution to the Problem of Democracy and Autocracy
Economics The Crisis of Capitalism and Its Remedies
Sociology What is Daivī Varna System?
Law Why Intellectual Property is a Flawed Notion
Ideology Personalist and Impersonalist Societies
Culture How Culture Influences Religion

Modern Science

Problem The Incompleteness of Science
Epistemology The Scientific Method – Does it Deliver Truth?
Atomism Quantum Motion—Elevators vs. Escalators
Mind Why AI is Deficient and Yet It Seems Very Powerful
Evolution Scientific Pretensions of Evolutionary Theory
Technology The Broken Watchmaker
Economics Do Supply and Demand Define Economic Value?

Yoga Practice

Yoga The Ladder of Yoga Systems
Guru Who Can Be Guru?
Realization What is a Realization?
Measurement Quality vs. Quantity in Spiritual Life
Meditation Consciousness Expands by Concentration
Misconception False Universals in Kṛṣṇa Bhakti
Setbacks Why a Person Falls From a Spiritual Path

Teaching Philosophy

Qualification Guna, Karma, and Perception
Conviction The Unity of Vedic Philosophy
Assessment Judging Religions and Religious People
Denunciation Politeness and Criticism in the Bhakti Tradition
Responding Responses to Accusations of Immoral Sexuality in Vedic Texts

Intellectual Endeavors

Vision Prabhupāda’s Three Big Ideas on Science
Overview The Inception of Bhaktivedānta Institute
Philosophy Objections Against My Vedānta Sūtra Commentary
Sanskrit On the Problem of Sanskrit Translations
Research Areas of Semantic Research
Mistakes What Happened to the Bhaktivedānta Institute?
Testing How Well Do You Know Vedic Philosophy?

Western Ideologies

Overview Seeing the West Through a Vedic Lens
Abrahamism My Journey Through Abrahamic Faiths
Philosophy Western vs. Eastern Personalism, Impersonalism, Voidism, and Materialism
Colonization Why the West Rules the World—For Now
Economics Causes of Western Prosperity and Indian Poverty
Violence Sexual Shame and Extreme Violence
Academics Are We Antipathic to Academics?