Shabda Blog is a complementary medium to the books published by Shabda Press. It was started to provide long-form answers to questions that could not fit into the simple question-and-answer format that we use on Shabda Forums. It is also a resource about Vedic philosophy for those who may not know enough to read books but might be searching for specific topics of interest online.

The blog has proven valuable to many readers who like to explore short and focused topics on Vedic philosophy before they dive into books. Through these blogs, we also explore topics that are currently not covered in any book. Almost every major book had a precursor blog post and many ideas elaborated later in books (for example, The Yellow Pill and Mystic Universe) were originally written as blog posts. Through the discussion that followed, their broader potential led us to books.

The posts on the blog are currently authored by Ashish Dalela. As he continues to write new books, interesting material that can be summarized in a blog post is often extracted and published here.

Note on Comments and Discussions

In an earlier incarnation, the blogs were open to comments by readers, but now they are not. We request comments, questions, and discussions on Shabda Forums. This is due to many reasons.

  • Discussions on Forums remain searchable for everyone; others who might have the same questions can therefore find them. The discussions on the blog are not searchable because they are locked into third-party closed comment systems.
  • There is a single consolidated place to look for all the discussion by anyone; the comments under each blog post tended to remain obscure. Unless you happen to read the specific blog post, you would also not read the questions and answers.
  • The use of plugins to avoid spam through comment systems inserts unwanted trackers into your browser, which follow you wherever you go and are a bane for your privacy. We don’t want to be a party facilitating your tracking for commercial uses.