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Education Knowing Truths

On Children’s Education

The Problem of the Industrial Revolution Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, every new generation in industrial society has, on average, enjoyed more comfort than the previous one. As people get more comfort, they begin to believe that a comfortable life is just a normal thing. They feel entitled to comforts and demand greater …

Knowing Truths Practice

When God Spreads Delusion

The Fear of Missing Out on Religion There is a new internet slang called FOMO. It means fear of missing out. It arises because of jealousy. We see someone else doing something and we fear that they will get something good that we will not. That jealousy makes us want the other thing too. But …

Knowing Truths Psychology

On Women’s Intelligence

Treacherous Translations We can ask anyone walking the street what intelligence is, and he will probably equate it to the result of an IQ test which is measured in various college undergraduate and postgraduate aptitude test examinations. Women do quite well in these tests. Most women do better than men in examinations and in school …

Debunking Myths Sociology

Western vs. Vedic Elitism

There is general opposition to all kinds of elitism at present. This is due to the exclusivist nature of Western elitism. The bad attributes of Western elitism are applied even to Vedic elitism when it is inclusivist. In this short post, I will briefly discuss the nature of two different elitist societies.

Biology Debunking Myths

The Modern Consciousness Studies Misnomer

Consciousness vs. Content Distinction One of the hardest problems in the scientific study of consciousness is to distinguish consciousness from its contents. In the simplest sense, consciousness is the knower, and content is the known. However, in an experience, we cannot distinguish the knower from the known because the two are combined. Hence, when philosophers …

History Knowing Truths Religion

The Great Deluge

Nearly all great civilizations have a flood story. It is almost always the precursor to a new age or a new civilization. Nearly all big civilizations talk about their advent after a flood. Some of these are stories about floods in rivers. Their cataclysmic effects are not anywhere close to those of global floods. There …