Ruminations on Vedic Philosophy

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The Problem in the Intelligent Design Argument

The Intelligent Design Argument has a well-known flaw that is often used by critics against it: The world is not perfectly designed. In a hilariously perverse example of this argument (that I saw on YouTube a few weeks ago), an atheist argues that men’s testicles are not perfectly designed because they are hanging outside the …


Two Kinds of Mahattattva

A friend today pointed out to me a seeming anomaly between two descriptions of the Mahattattva. The first description appears as the second covering of the universe in Vedic cosmology, where the first covering is the Ahaṃkāra or ego. The second description appears in Sāñkhya where the Ahaṃkāra is said to be a byproduct of …


Leaders vs. Managers

According to a recent Gallup survey, only 15% of the global workforce is “engaged” as most people “hate their job and especially their boss”. The reason for this disenchantment with people managers is not hard to find: Leadership requires character development but that is not on the curriculum of any management school. If you search …